"deep expressions of true genuine love are like streams of water

“take care of that which is expressed to you from a true genuine of heart because its a priviledge for you to receive it, not your right”

“love is the greatest gift a man or woman can give because it costs you yourself, a price that no amount of money can ever afford”

“sweet to the smell, captivating beauty that no eye can ignore. Impressions go a long way, travelling through time into the future to make reservations for you”

“delicate handling and consideration of each other’s role in a relationship is key to the overall success of any relationship”

“the right gift given at the precise exact time will always open a door/ keep the door open giving you access to a greater possibility”

“never get used to the love that you receive. it has costed someone for them to be able to love you. love isn’t free, it costs a heart to love”